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A bad little chick

This is how littles earn their magic

Bubble bath+pink hair〓bad idea


dj roomba is literally the greatest thing thats ever happened to me


Children need to be taught that getting a good job isn’t the key to life. “You need to learn this pass exams so that you can get a good job when you’re older” because good jobs, aren’t necessarily the right jobs for them.

Children should be taught in ways which make them happy, to learn about things that particularly interest them? It doesn’t matter if it makes them rich or if they do charity work forever, if they’re taught to be happy, what else matters?




Anyone who reblogs this with a load of text trying to justify their shitty actions is only further proving my point, so I dare you.

I fixed a painfully obvious spelling mistake. Please reblog this version.

I could not agree more


Ninja Turtles - Fan Art

Created by Brendan Corris


Find this Artist on DeviantArt & Blogspot


More Arts from this artist on my Tumblr HERE


Teen quotes

I was tagged by anddecorateyourownsoul to do the 6 selfie challenge thing.


I tag: 






+18. You've been warned.

♓  Erika, 21, still a child inside. I like a lot of things, and everything you see here is pretty much what's in my mind :3 I love Deadpool. I've been reading comic books since I was 7, and never stopped. And I'm in love with all things rockabilly and vintage. You may not notice it now, BUT I'm a recovered anorexic, and I have a huge ass now and boobies <3 AND YES, I'm a little. DD/lg. yep

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